Young Brazilian Art at the international Art Fair B.AGL ART afFAIRs in Berlin

Brazil is starting – as emerging economic power and future magnet of the sport world it is moving towards the centre of international interest in the last years not only with its modern concepts for architecture, but also by its young art more and more. Brazil has, especially in its big metropolis Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, a small, exciting, but rather unknown art scene with many interesting artists – interestingly there are many woman artists represented. All of their works often are uncommon, because at the first sight they do not correspond with the predominantly shaped western art concepts. Only in the unbiased approach their very independently form of expression can be discovered. Then a lively and often concrete pictorial language emerges, which is not so subtle or formalized, but mostly is characterized by contemporary themes and sometimes developes a comic like way of description. Despite all colourfulness this art is not gaudy superficially, but very vivid and inspiring. Cultural roots and modern creativity are condensed to a trend, that is attracting international collectors more and more.

How especially younger brazilian artists take position will be seen at the international trend fair for art B.AGL ART afFAIRs i Sneptember 2013 at the Postbahnhof in Berlin.

Exemplarily for the contemporary brazilian art here some participating artists are described shortly:

With Liria Varne, who gathered and organized the group and who was selected a short time ago to exhibit at the 1st Salon Autumn Latin America, a representative of the engaged style comes to Europe. She asks artitistc-sceptical questions concerning current brazilian themes like the life in the „urban jungle“ in Sao Paulo.

Natália Lima walks another path to reflect the interplay of life aesthetically with her geometrical and playful forms: irritating op- and pop art patterns attract the eye, sometimes extended to the 3rd dimensions.

Paulo Tajes Lindner, who has an solo exhibition ar Rome the next time, works with symbols and codes , which come along with ease and folcloristically at the first sight, but in a enigmatic way are describing the everyday life in Brazil: under the happy surface some message are hidden.

Marilu Trevisan tries to reflect the private spheres artistically with her figurative forms, when she for example describes the demons of interpersonal beeing in her sequence „Relationships“.

In a similar intimate manner Iolanda Cimino works with her colour changing portraits with the strong strokes, where she tries to form the diverse forms of appearances of human types artistically.

Betti Simão on the other hand avoides the access by a too realistic interpretation, when she hides her „Memories“ in more abstract form variations, where the beholder has to go deeper inside sensually, to understand them.

Monica Morais has devotet herself to the realistic-colourful paintings, where single themes like shelter are treated by trivial symbolisms like “umbrella” - the typical pop colours reveal the Brazilian heritage.

Kazuhe Shizurus photgraphs can be summed up the best as following: they all are dealing with colourfulness and smallness... he tries to give blossoms or hummingbirds an own presence, where they otherwise would fade.

About: B.AGL ART afFAIRs sees itself as an innovative and independent art fair and show, who wenats to exhibit international trends and themes of art deveopment. It will take place at the famous location Postbahnhof (easy accessible via the station Ostbahnhof) with more than 3.000 m² during the Berlin Art Week from 18/9- 22/9/2013 (daily from 2pm until 11 pm, Sunday 2 pm until 7pm ).

Berlin Art Fair B.AGL ART afFAIRs we show the trends in art
Curated by Liria Varne - Young Brazilian Art at the international Art Fair B.AGL ART afFAIRs in Berlin


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